Irene Bassal, M.A., MBA provides interpretation and translation services in Russian English and German. She will professionally assist you in communication with your business partners across cultures.

Irene is graduate from from the reputed Institute of Interpreting and Translating in Munich as well as postgraduate from the OU Business School. She is a sworn translator and interpreter from the High Court of Munich, Bavaria, she is reliable and confidential. She has 14 years of experience in most legal, economic and technical fields. Irene has worked in many countries.

Irene will facilitate your international, formal and informal meetings by removing language barriers. She will be accurate and diplomatic.

Irene is experienced simultaneous and consecutive interpreter. She is trained in the following interpretation types: Court Interpretation, Whispered Interpretation, Escort interpreting, Conference interpreting, etc.

Irene Bassal is translator and interpreter, duly certified and sworn by the Higher District Court in Munich I and registered with the District courts of Zurich, Luzerne and Zug.

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Irene Bassal, M.A., MBA
mobile: +41 (0) 79 77 69 681
work: +41 (0) 41 760 11 05